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About the collection

The “Luminosity” collection is a range of luxury headpieces Inspired by Italian Baroque Architecture and bohemian style.  “Luminosity” fuses the elaborate with the free flowing to create a range of elegantly adorned headpieces, crowns and barrettes. It features delicate gilded flowers wrapped into romantic pearl vines and hand painted leaves in pearly tones, that softly frame the head.  The mix of colours and materials used project the light onto the piece like kind of glowing halo.  Each piece has its own slightly unique identity yet they are extremely versatile, designed to be worn over again even after the big event.



Each Nichola Ruby headpiece is designed and produced by hand in our London studio. Our accessories are made using the finest Fresh Water Pearls, Swarovski crystals, Brass flowers, semi precious stones, leathers, silks and any other beautiful materials we may find along the way.


Nichola Ruby is a London based hair accessory designer. Nichola began designing at a young age, she studied Fashion Design at University before focusing on Silversmithing. Using a mix of metalwork and couture techniques we take our time carefully creating each piece, so detailed that every time you look you will see something new.


Handmade is more than a process of construction. It means you can be part of the design process and you can fall in love with your perfect finishing touches because they were made just for you, with your dress and hairstyle in mind.

Each handmade piece tells your story. This tale doesn’t have the same meaning when it’s mass produced, generic or made without love.

Together we will pick the fabrication, colour, weight and construction of your headpiece to create something that is unique to you.  We ensure it fits you like a glove and compliments your colouring.  Your headpiece can be a subtle addition to a chic outfit or a complete show stopper, whichever you choose it will remain an heirloom to pass down over the years.